Saturday, February 2, 2008

Preschool Precepts Part 3 - "Say I Forgive You"

Intro: We’re going to talk about one of the most freeing actions that we can ever participate in or receive.

1. Forgiveness Removes
-1 John 1:9
-Psalms 103:11-12

2. Forgiveness Releases and Restores

-Romans 8:1-4

-Amish Forgiveness:

3. Forgiveness Doesn’t Remember
-Hebrews 10:17

-1 Corinthians 13:5

4. Forgiveness Remembers

-Matthew 18 – unforgiving servant

-Matthew 6:14-15

5. Forgiveness Is Relentless
-Matthew 18:21-22

6. Forgiveness Requires a Payment

-Forgiveness always costs the person who does the forgiving. What would it cost to forgive...

  • someone who owes you $100?
  • someone who borrowed your shirt and ripped it?
  • someone who insulted you?
  • someone who embarrassed you in front of your friends?
  • someone who spread lies about you?
  • someone who dented your car?
  • someone who hurt you physically?
-Forgiveness may cost the forgiver money or a material item, but it will always cost the forgiver vengeance or retribution or PRIDE. What did it cost God to forgive us?

-Heb 9:22

The Heart of Christ
: Luke 23:34

Shared files:
-Say I Forgive You Notes
-Say I Forgive You Powerpoint

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