Saturday, February 2, 2008

Preschool Precepts Part 2 - "Say You're Sorry"

Intro: It’s all in how we say it.

Definition: Repent – To feel such regret for past conduct as to change one's mind regarding it
-negative – contrition, heart-broken, remorse
-positive – change

Horizontally (between man and man)

Vertically (between man and God)
Concluding Quotes

True repentance hates the sin, and not merely the penalty; and it hates the sin most of all because it has discovered and felt God's love. –Taylor

Christ and we will never be one until we and our sin are two. -Spurgeon

Shared files:
Say You're Sorry Notes
Say You're Sorry Powerpoint

*Note: The Powerpoint is definitely barebones on this one, but it may be a good start for you.

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